Let’s All Be Honest

Success is Measured in Money.  And possibly, in Shoes.

Build a client base. Control business costs. Create lean workflows. Shave expenses. Raise prices.

Do you think I'm an asshole for saying it?  That's okay, I don't mind if you feel that way. 

I don't say this to disregard all of the millions of ways that we each can determine success every day.  For me, celebrating the small successes can be a major part of life.  Just acknowledging that you've achieved something (like a shower) can be all the reward we need.  Sometimes we need to buy a new pair of shoes or treat ourselves to a fancy coffee. 

I've been through so many small group, large group, and one on one conversations when people talk about how they define success.  I've had people tell me that success can range from anything as simple as getting through the day without being pooped on (the joys of motherhood) to buying a beach house and beyond.

How we define success can vary from one person to the next and how we reward ourselves for the success that we are seeking is just as diverse.  But there is one universal truth that I believe connects us all, none of us want to struggle financially to provide basic needs for ourselves and our family.  Therefore, at its most basic level we all need to be a bit on the profitable side before we can really start reaching for the success that we truly want.

Build a client base.  Control business costs.  Create lean workflows.  Shave expenses. Raise prices.

This is the fancy footwork for increased profitability for a small business owner to tango his or her way to success.  Get these basics down and you'll be paving the road for your own success.

My mother in law is a feisty, hard-working single lady with a fabulous, Victorian mansion in a lovely town near Philadelphia and a handbag collection that would make a celebrity drool.  She works like a fiend, and will probably continue to freelance in addition to her full-time job until the day she retires. Her work ethic and drive are inspiring.

Why do I say this?  Because she knows how to treat herself and appreciate the luxury of life.  Her designer purses are all genuine and she has plenty of shoes to go along with them.  But it isn't unusual to catch her in a pair of slim jeans and a flowing tank top on any given day.  She is authentically herself, but appreciates the luxuries that her career success has brought her.

I bought myself my first pair of Jimmy Choos this summer.  I'm still breaking them in, but I can't wait to wear them out on the stage in Hawaii when I talk at Inspire Smart Success.  There is just something that feels more personally impressive about standing in front of others to talk about business while wearing a little badge of honor.  They make me feel more confident and maybe a little bit sexy (or a lotta bit).  Material things will never make me a successful or more important person, but damn did it feel good to get a little treat.

I'm really not saying this to brag, but rather to make a point.  Set yourself clear financial goals.  Know what you need to make to take care of yourself or your family and build a business to support these needs.  But once you get there, treat yourself.  What is it that you really want?  Do you want a luxurious spa day to get away from it all?  Do you want a weekend away with your husband or wife?  Are you dying for a new pair of fabulous stilettos?  Set yourself a stretch goal.  You may be surprised, but I believe you'll get there.

Not sure how to set yourself up for financial success in your business?  Try joining our Business Bootcamp and get 2017 off to a perfect start!  Who know what fabulous treats might be in your future?

Ashley Gerrity