Being Brave Through Collaboration

I was blessed with friends and collaborators who understood the true meaning of #communityovercollaboration. Here is a little of what we learned together:

It isn't every day that I go somewhere and meet two complete strangers and inspiring creative entrepreneurs, decide that I like them enough to share a hotel room in Palm Beach with them for a conference, and then have the chance to collaborate together on a fabulous editorial shoot.  But that is exactly how I first got to know epic public speaker/wedding planner Tonia Adleta of Aribella Events & The Roadshow Wedding and branding guru/wedding photographer Petronella Lugemwa of By Petronella.  

It was in this one week at a four star resort on the water that I've learned one of the most valuable lessons that I can share.  Collaborate.  Explore.  Connect.  Take Risks.  Be Brave.  It was the theme of the Inspire Smart Success Experience, one of the most inspiring retreats that a wedding professional can experience and the message resonated with me and my new friends.

It all started with a few too many alcoholic smoothies and a late night conversation as three creatives bonded during a joyful, grown-up slumber party.  It continued on with whirlwind 24 hours when we sourced everything from a designer wedding gown to a four-tier wedding cake.  We skipped class and photographed a stunning model on the beach.  But as the shoot ended, the experience did not.

Our lessons learned lived on beyond our time together.  Two years before I became an active part of the Rising Tide Society, I already was blessed with friends and collaborators who understood the true meaning of #communityovercollaboration.  Here is a little of what we learned together:

1. Be Brave.

Step out of your comfort zone. Make a choice to say "yes" to the next challenge.  Commit to the lifestyle of being a brave entrepreneur

2. Never be afraid to ask for the help you need.

People will surprise you with their generosity! When someone says "no," sometimes the message that we need to hear is "not now" or "there is something better ahead."

3. Don't just "network"--build a network with professionals who share your passion, commitment, and love to have fun.

By sharing your time with others who share your values and business ethic, you will be challenged to achieve your goals and inspired to fight through your struggles.

4. It's okay to make business a "personal thing."

Although you should always run your business with your head, don't hold yourself back from pouring your heart into your professional relationships.  Investing yourself personally into your networking creates trust, which can evolve into enduring friendships that are invaluable through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

5. Your best ally may be your "competition."

No one will understand your business or your experience like someone who is on a similar path in life.

Looking for a local dose of brave collaboration and genuine networking, join a local Tuesdays Together.  A full listing can be found on the Rising Tide Society's website.  You can find me every month co-hosting Philadelphia's Tuesdays Together!

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