Media Personality & Business Strategist

Running a business can be tough.  There’s all of the fun parts, like brainstorming your next big product launch or grabbing coffee with your cohorts.  But then there are the real parts of running a business that no one else sees.  Under the facade is where the real magic is just waiting to happen.

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 interaction in an ongoing coaching program or just a little boost with one of our guided courses, Ashley wants to get to know the you behind your mission and see you take names and go places.


Individual Mentorship Options:

I first met Ashley at a Rising Tide Tuesdays Together meet up, and right from the start she has been an inspiration in not only my business, but my life.
— Kiersten Shank of Elvira Mary Productions

Personal COaching Program:

Partner with Ashley for one on one success sessions where we will target our coaching discussions around your personal and business needs.  Topics and agenda are developed specific to your business and all of our focus is on you.  Our personalized business coaching is a monthly program with a minimum commitment of 3 months.  Sessions are done via either video conference or telephone, based on your preferences.

Personal Deep Dives:  

Spend a full business day in-person mentoring session at either our Philadelphia-area studio or your location (travel fees apply) with Ashley to dig deeper into your own business needs.  Come out of this one day session with a strong strategy for business success.  Topics and agenda are developed specific to your business and can include Business Foundations, Financial planning, Marketing Strategy, Goal Setting, and more.  We will write, discuss, and strategize through your personal business struggles to grow and develop in the areas that matter most to you.  Your staff or team are welcome to participate in these sessions (or a portion of your session).

Group Learning Sessions:

One Day Deep Dive: 

A small group day long mentoring session hosted at either our Philadelphia area studio targeting specific behind the scenes business foundational work.  We pull up our laptops and get to work creating sustainable business strategies and leaving the day with actionable plans and strategies to put into practice for profitable business and sustainable growth.  Topics are focused on one particular business theme and participants will write and discuss plans in the moment.  Topics are announced in advance and current plans for 2016 include a November session on Setting the Stage for a Profitable 2017.


A six-month on-going small group monthly program to dig into business fundamentals for  creatives.  Our monthly two-hour long gatherings will be a place for connection, growth, and learning. Topics to be discussed include: business financials, profitable pricing, data-driven decision-making, balancing working and life, goals and personal development. Limited Availability

Not sure which format is right for you and your business? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation with Ashley to learn more and find your perfect program.