Running a business can be tough.

There’s all of the fun parts, like brainstorming your next big product launch or grabbing coffee with your cohorts.  But then there are the real parts of running a business that no one else sees.  Under the facade is where the real magic is just waiting to happen.

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 interaction in an ongoing coaching program or just a little boost with one of our guided courses, Ashley wants to get to know the you behind your mission and see you take names and go places.



What's it like to work with Ashley?

"I first met Ashley at a Rising Tide Tuesday together meet up, and right from the start she has been an inspiration in not only my business, but my life. We bonded over common personal interests, and as I grew to better understand her business, I was able to see that she was someone I would look up to and admire as I grow as a person and a business owner in the years to come. I have gone to Ashley for business coaching regarding business structure, business networking and even client issues. She always has a unique perspective that I have not thought of, and most times has even been through the situation herself and is able to walk me through what helped her. Overall, I consider Ashley to be a wonderful business associate, mentor and friend, and know that anyone who has ever worked with her I am sure feels the same!"




Ashley has helped me on a couple of occasions with my photography business.  She took the time out of her very busy schedule just recently to meet me at her studio and help guide me to some realistic goals for my business as well as help me figure out what I need to do to get to be a full time business owner.  She laid out the facts for me and made things very clear - for someone who isn't very business savvy.  I left her studio with a clear understanding of what my next steps need to be in order to reach my new goals and had a plan on how to get there. as well as a new found motivation and inspiration in moving forward.  I'm very thankful for Ashley's help and knowledge!

Kate McCarthy of Kate McCarthy Photography


“Want to make a profitable studio, Ashley is the business coach you want to hire! Her workshop and business mentoring is the best investment I have ever made in my business. She teaches you so much about the business and marketing end of scaling a sustainable photography studio for profitable outcomes. Ashley is straight shooter and an open book, so the amount of information you will absorb will be astounding. I left Ashley's studio with a clear plan and immediate actionable steps to grow my business, successfully booking two weddings within three weeks of our initial session! I'm so incredibly thankful that our paths crossed and I can't wait until our mid year check up. If you were to invest in any workshop or one-on-one mentoring session, I would choose Ashley!”

Ann Blake of Ann Blake Photography


“It's hard to describe the joy it is to work with Ashley. I doubt I've ever come across someone more respectful, insightful, and intuitive or with greater business acumen than Ashley. Her careful and thoughtful evaluation of her business combined with just the right amount of moxie makes her a force to be reckoned with. After some soul searching, I realized that running my own business was not going to be lucrative for me, and she offered me a job. As her studio manager, I have the pleasure of witnessing, up close and personal, her unique flare for business unfold and her absolute tenacity in accomplishing her goals. If you are looking for someone who can improve your business and help you reach the next level, Ashley is committed to helping you realize your potential and helping you create real, attainable goals that will grow you and your business.”

Rachel Pray of Rachel Pray photography & Ashley Gerrity Photography